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Monday , April 18 , 2005 - And so, for the second time...

...Fever Dream closes its doors. I've just been so blasted busy with life in general and the hilarity well has run dry for me regarding FD(which is pretty lame, because I don't think I did even a year's worth of comics), so I don't know if I'll ever be returning to working on Fever Dream. At least I got past 300 comics, though.

I haven't left webcomickryfor good, however. Lancaster the Ghost Detective is still alive and kicking over on the Spider network, cranking out a good 5 pages a week, Monday through Friday. My deviantArt gallery is updated at least once a week. And I just finished a 25-page 24 Hour Comic, and it might eventually become a series like Lancaster ended up(if you'll remember last year, the 24 Hour Comic I created was a Lancaster story, which eventually got me to work on the Lancaster series).

So, for a while at least, Fever Dream's on hiatus. I'll probably come back to it, however. Lucas still needs to get his headgear removed. Katy needs to stop going to so many anime conventions. And Bloodarmicus still needs to learn the spirit of Christmas. I'm sure we'll see them again.

And hey, the final comic has a chicken in a bra. If that's not ending on a high note, I don't know what is.


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